Wall Tent 3 x 4,5 m - cotton

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Size : Width x Length x Height 2,5 m
Width / Szerokość 2 m
Height / Wysokość 2,5 m
Fabric tent cotton 340 g impregnated against water, rotting and fugy, waterproof
Dating II World War

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Inspired by tents from World War II. It was sewn from high-quality impregnated cotton with a weight of about 340 gr/m2 which have rainproof and anti-rot properties.

The Wall tent is very easy to set up. Thanks to the side wall, a camp bed can be placed in it. It will work as a shelter for both one and two people. It is closed on one of the sides along the entire height with jute twine loops and metal eyelets. The entrance sheets can be tied to the sides of the tent, making it easier to move around during the day.

The dimensions of the Wall tent are: length - 2m width - 2.5m height - 2m height of the sidewall - about 50cm. The structure is based on two vertical square timbers, each 200cm long, and a horizontal crossbar, 200 cm long. In addition, the tent is equipped with side guy ropes that are ended with a loop for tent pins.

Source for this tent

Various types of tents can be seen in the photographs from the World War II period. It seems that one of the more popular types was the small Wall tent that we were inspired by. It appeared in various dimensions and was used for various purposes, including as a field hospital.


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Wall Tent 3 x 4,5 m - cotton

Wall Tent 3 x 4,5 m - cotton